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Stand up for an abused child.®


Every year in Colorado, more than 50,000 reports of child abuse and neglect are filed, and more than 11,000 children enter foster care.

Court Appointed Special Advocates of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties (CASA Jeffco/Gilpin) serves the 1st Judicial District, which ranked fifth of 22 Districts in Colorado for the number of abuse and neglect cases file in 2014. Over the last year the 1st Judicial District filed approximately 297 new cases of child abuse and neglect, involving about 416 children.

The statistics are daunting and the children’s stories wrench our hearts in critical calls for help.

Our program is about giving abused children hope: hope for a better life and hope for a safe, permanent home. Imagine being the difference in an abused and neglects child’s life.

Be the difference.

Appointed by judges, our highly trained volunteers serve as independent fact finders and advocates for abused and neglected children in Jefferson and Gilpin counties. Our CASA volunteers advocate for the child’s best interests in health, education, foster placement, and most importantly, permanency in a safe, stable home.

Our volunteers don’t just make a difference, they are the difference. Whether you donate your time, services or dollars, you can be a powerful voice in the life of a child.

Together we can give HOPE to abused and neglected children.



A Night for CASA was a HUGE success!
We would like to thank everyone who attended and generously gave to our annual event “A Night for CASA”!  It was an amazing success raising over $114,000!  We had 190 people showing their kindness, their compassion, and their support for the work done by CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties.  This brings much-needed awareness to child abuse and neglect in our community.  A big thank you to former Denver Broncos star Reggie Rivers for making this evening one to remember.



The next CASA Volunteer training is scheduled for January/February 2016.  This training will be a class room learning course and includes approximately 40 hours of class assignments, in-person classroom training, court observation and a Swearing-In Ceremony.
Please contact Tiffany Schlag at 303.271.6537 with any questions.



District Court Judge Ann Gail Meinster states: “I have the privilege of working with many CASA volunteers. CASA Jeffco/Gilpin is an amazing organization that performs a critical community service for the most vulnerable children in the 1st Judicial District. CASA volunteers partner with other professionals working on cases. They provide a service that supplements the work of Guardians ad litem and caseworkers. They provide accurate, thoughtful and independent reporting to other parties to the case and the Court. CASA volunteers can sometimes be the one person who sees safety issues that are missed by others. I find the Program and its volunteers to be invaluable. My wish is to assign a CASA volunteer to every case of child abuse.”